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    I'm not able to understand the question. Please explain in more detail what you want to do and what is going wrong. It's okay to explain in Spanish.

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    Thank you for your help BarbBinder, I really appreciate it!

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  • 03/26/17--15:18: Adding Lightroom to my CS6
  • Hi, I purchased a CS6 account when it came out and now would like to add Lightroom.  Am I able to add Lightroom to my existing CS6?  If so, how?

    I see Lightroom is available for a monthly fee but this als includes Photoshop, which I already have.  Any other options?  Thank you.

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  • 03/26/17--15:19: Help Please
  • Tengo problemas cuando voy a hacer mi photomontaje, la imagen 2 cuando la recorto pasa, casi trasparente a la imagen 1 , no se porque ? acabo de comprar el CC2017 pero no se como arreglarlo, que tengo que hacer para que la foto 2 pase intacta a la una

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    In principle this is simple. You need to produce a mask so that the wanted areas are white on the mask and the unwanted areas black. Then you just put a white fill layer underneath.


    In, practice, with that photograph, there are many areas where the wanted content is the same colour and brightness as the unwanted content. Look at the loops in the chain.  So you will need to take a lot of time manually going over the mask so that every part of the chain is selected and every gap is deselected.  This will take you a long time.


    If it was me, I would photograph it again with much better lighting - or get the photographer to do the same. Then some simple tone adjustments should do it



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    maxfox25  wrote


    I'm making a vid will it fix itself once i'm finished and i download the final video to my hard drive to put it on Youtube?


    It depends on why it's choppy and lags.  If it just needs to be rendered because your system is not powerful enough, then the export should be OK.  If not, convert to the Cineform codec with the GoPro utility before importing into Premiere Pro.


    Try a short test export to find out .

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    Always happy to help, Micky!

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  • 03/26/17--15:20: Re: Black mask not working
  • Is your Photoshop document an RGB or CMYK document?

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    Article 1 is not a valid CSS Selector.  No spaces allowed.


    Better to use HTML selectors or .class_names.  They are both reusable and go a long way toward making your code cleaner.


    IDs are unique identifiers.  As such they can be used only 1 time per page.  Unique IDs are good when you must target a unique element with JavaScript.  But for CSS, I always try to stick with reusable HTML selectors and/or .class_names.




    article {


         width: 45%;

         font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;


    .red {color:red}




    <article class="red">

    This is my article.....


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    This thread is starting to feel like a conversation with a telephone company.


    As stated in the opening post, and again in a previous reply, the hardware works fine using Explorer to copy the files.


    I have rebooted twice.


    If it's a hardware problem, why isn't it a problem in Explorer?


    If it's an OS problem, why is it a problem for Lightroom?


    I am well aware of the suggestions to buy and use a card reader. In fact, my computer has one built in. That's not the point of my original post. I asked if anyone else has had the problem I described and if there was a solution. I suppose I should have said, "a solution that does not include a card reader, and makes Lightroom work like it did previously with the same hardware it was working with before".


    I'm tired of people repeating useless information that is not relevant to my original post. People adding a bunch of useless suggestions isn't doing anything to add to the solution, and I'd appreciate only relevant suggestions that haven't already been posted.


    If anyone from Adobe monitors these forums, can you please offer some official help, other than "use a card reader"?

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    This doesn't resolve how the tool bar becomes  extra tiny  on my MacPro 13" 2015.  I can't even get the start window to show properly  so I could test out the screen recording capability.

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    jdanek is correct, Look for the "Use Printer's Default" in the printer preferences. For Xante 6 platemaker (I am printing mainly from InDesign), it's located in the Preferences, Advanced, (bottom right corner), Printer Features, Screen (lpi) select user define instead printer default. With the "printer default" buried someplace, it can drive you NUTS. As far as inkjet printers and inkjet-able clear plastic (like BABs) for screen printing, print to Acrobat (color separations) then print to your inkjet printer. (makes a nice positive, like the camera-days when you could make a film positive)

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  • 03/26/17--15:28: Re: Adding a new font?
  • its an actionscript 3.0 document.  I had a feeling that might be the issue, but is there no way to add a font to a .FLA document?  I guess i'll have to copy and paste into flash from photoshop.  Any other workarounds?  I'm pretty far into my animation.

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    Try this:


    Reset preferences


    To restore the default preference settings, press and hold the following keys while the application is starting.

    • Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows)
    • Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS)

    from here:

    Setting preferences in After Effects


    or try a different Workspace.

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    Thank you!! this worked perfectly.

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    paul_james123  wrote


    Thanks ClayUUID,

    you wrote:

    First, your click handler code is completely wrong.

    hmm. I don't understand. The event listener..

    I said the click handler, not the event listener. The "document.getElementById("testOutput").innerHTML" stuff, that is all completely inapplicable to Canvas objects.

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    Getting new feature support has always needed you to upgrade.

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  • 03/26/17--15:33: Re: Adding a new font?
  • You don't import fonts into an AS3 FLA. You select the textfield and in Properties you use the Embed feature. In there you can pick and choose about what gets embedded. For example, if the textfield is only ever going to show numbers, you could type in 0123456789., into the Also include these characters field, and only those characters would get embedded, saving some file space. Or you could choose All, and be able to show any character that font is able to draw.

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